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Business owners need more than the traditional accounting firm. So, what do they need?

They need a Next Generation Accounting Firm. What is a Next Generation Accounting Firm (NGAF)? A next generation accounting firm isn’t your traditional accounting firm that is generally reactive. A NGAF focuses on being proactive, focuses on strategy and takes more of a consulting approach in which the client should see a financial benefit rather than just a product (tax returns or financial statements).

Vertical Advisors LLP (VA) is a NGAF which services clients throughout the United State of America, and has seen a large shift in what business owners are demanding from their accounting firm. VA provides services exclusively to privately held companies and their owners. Business owners want their accounting firm to provide a proactive, strategic and consulting service. They need more than just tax returns and financial statements. They are looking for items such like, Federal and state income tax strategies, KPI and ratio analysis, cash flow management advice, retirement planning, estate planning, etal. And most of all a comprehensive approach to connect all of these items together.

Privately held business owners are demanding more assistance with their business. They generally need a firm that can provide a wide range of services from the traditional services of bookkeeping / accounting clean up, virtual controller / CFO to high end tax strategies and critical business and financial consulting. They need federal and state tax strategies as they are expanding. They need international tax planning, they need insight about what other business owners are doing. They need leverage from a trusted business

Vertical Advisors LLP is a NGAF and has been providing these services for over 20 years.