International Tax Consulting

International Tax Consulting

The World gets smaller and smaller every day. Finances and business transactions are now international. With the use of the World Wide Web and delivery services, going international is very easy. However, going international can create complications if you do not have the right advisors or strategies.

Many investors and business owners are doing business internationally. Your typical local accounting firm generally does not offer international tax advice, but Vertical Advisors does. Going international requires specialized tax planning, so let us help you.

The Vertical Advisors’ International Tax Consulting program does the following:

  • Understand your business or investment.
  • Review the countries in question.
  • Research the proper income tax treaties and advise you of the foreign country tax laws and how the United States will view it.
  • Work with international tax specialists if necessary.
  • Create an international tax strategy that will compliment your other tax strategies and financial goals.

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