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The retail and wholesale industry is extremely competitive. Maintaining an aggressive edge over your competition can cost you amazing amounts of excess dollars! Why not save your hard earned money by simply implementing a tax and business strategy? If you can save on taxes, then you can have extra money for expansions or other growing business purposes. We understand the tremendous pressure placed on the owners of these types of companies, so let Vertical Advisors help you.

We understand your industry and we are ready to listen and help you create even more success. We have spent years working with clients who face similar challenges in a variety of industries, including retail and wholesale. Most entrepreneurial owners are so consumed by their business that they end up paying little attention to their own financial needs. Let us offer you a few options on helping you reach your financial goals. There are two easy solutions to start you in the right direction. One is to take a fresh look at your business itself. We call this a business check-up. You probably, personally, see a doctor every year to make sure you are healthy, so why not make sure your company is on track and healthy as well? There are great benefits in obtaining a second opinion on your company’s state of wellness and a viewing it from an outside perspective. We guarantee that there are opportunities to help significantly raise your bottom line by providing you with business consulting and/or tax services.

The other solution is to take a look at your own personal financial health. Do you have a comprehensive tax and wealth strategy? If not, are you ready to do it now? Think through your long and short term personal goals and dreams. Do you have a strategy in place to implement them? Where are you starting from and where do you want to go? We will give you a structured process for planning your exciting and secure future. Taking a holistic and comprehensive approach that includes both business and personal goals is a smart step for anyone who desires to have and maintain success needs. This approach is completely different from the routine “tax planning” that most CPAs offer.

You know how to run your business. Let us show you how to increase your bottom line and create the wealth that you deserve.

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